Scanner App U.S. State Privacy Supplement

This Scanner App U.S. State Privacy Supplement (“U.S. State Privacy Supplement”) is only applicable to residents of Colorado, Connecticut, and Virginia (“you”). It supplements the information contained in our Scanner App Privacy Policy. It is delivered on behalf of Municorn Limited (“Municorn”,” “we,” “us,” and “our”) and governs certain personal data we collect from you.

We have adopted this U.S. State Privacy Supplement to comply with the Colorado Privacy Act (“CPA”), the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (“CTDPA”) and the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA” and together with the CPA and CTDPA the “Relevant State Privacy Laws”). Please take the time to read and understand this U.S. State Privacy Supplement.


This U.S. State Privacy Supplement covers personal data collected from or processed about you when you use the Scanner App mobile application (“Scanner App”, the “app”, or the “application”), including by downloading, installing, registering with, accessing or otherwise using the application (collectively referred to herein as “Use”).

There is other personal data that this U.S. State Privacy Supplement does not cover. In some cases, that personal data may not be subject to the Relevant State Privacy Laws. In other cases, a different privacy notice may apply. Accordingly, this U.S. State Privacy Supplement and/or the privacy rights set out herein may not apply to you or to all of your personal data.

If you are a resident of California, please see our Scanner App California Notice at Collection and Privacy Notice.

Collection, Processing and Disclosure of Personal Data

The Relevant State Privacy Laws require us to give you information about the categories of personal data we collect and process