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So fast and easy to use

I literally only needed this to make one picture into a pdf for something important I had to send and I searched on google for how to make a picture into a pdf and the first thing that popped up was this ad for this app so I downloaded and it was so fast and so easy to use I just had to open and click the picture I wanted to make into pdf form and it took me less then 2 minutes to do and I got my pdf and was able to send that in and I don’t really need the app except for that one reason but if you’re someone who needs different forms of pictures turned into pdf form I would definitely download this app because it is completely with it !!!

Fantastic scanner

Head of all the apps I’ve used this is one of the better scanners I’ve used on the apps on the Internet Apple has come through throughout the years on their apps the scanner has probably done it’s past the improvements are far and few there are still a few more change that should be ironed out but it’s a lot better than what it was a few years ago and I give it a five star rating and I would recommend it to many many more people do use. It is my recommendation to be used permanently. Thank you.

Good App

Hey there, let me spill the beans about this wickedly awesome Scanner App! You won’t believe how insanely cool it is! Picture this – your iPhone or iPad becomes a full-on scanner, like a boss! You can scan all sorts of stuff – documents, receipts, business cards, notes, even books! And the best part? Save ’em as PDF or JPG files, no sweat! It’s like having a magical scanner genie at your service. Old office scanners are so yesterday – this app’s gonna be your new BFF for all those daily biz needs! “


This is… Amazing?

I had no purpose to get this, I just somehow came across it and like.. I jokingly took a picture of my Shrek Wet wipes, and it worked? The organization of this app is amazing. I don’t need to store documents, but I will use this to store some other important things. 10/10